Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Guy Of The Week

A little early on That Guy Of The Week and I'm also going against multiple suggestions of making it Lenny Dykstra.  But someone pissed in my Cheerios this morning.  Brandon Roy.

'Always thought I would be treated better,'

This is Roy's reaction to his "limited role" with the Blazers after last nights game two loss to the Mavericks.  Here's the link to the article by Jason Quick of The Oregonian.

Really Brandon?  Really?  How is that max contract working out for ya?  How about the legions of Portland fans who actually care about the Blazers who do not have jobs (a lot of them in Oregon these days) who just want to see the team win?  And you pull out the ego card because you don't like your roll?  How about playing within yourself and seeing what you can do to make the team better? 

One local reporter blogged this morning that this latest development will divide the team and fans.  Well, I agree that it might divide the team (although I don't think anyone on the Blazers likes playing with Roy anymore) but I don't know any fans who think that Roy is being misused (actually, the better half of this blog thinks he plays too much).  And for those out there who agree with Roy, consider yourself That Fan Of The Week. 

The Blazer management worked very hard getting rid of poor characters which has lead to success and a fan base feeling proud about its team again.  Now it's time for management to understand that poor character is not limited to hanging out at strip clubs while on bereavement leave.


Friday, April 15, 2011

That Guy Of The Week

Don't call it a comeback!  Here comes our third straight post in three weeks.  I know, maybe this blog is back afterr all.  I am noticing a pattern. 

It seems that Fridays are good days for me to post, for whatever reason, so let's make this the deadline for the That Guy Of The Week award.   I think it seems fitting because I saw more Burnt Biscuits handed out by Ed Whalen on Friday nights than any other day of the week.  So if you have a suggestion, just email me at  Because without cable my exposure to sports is limited these days. 

So without further ado....Kobe Bryant.  What a douche bag.

Let's just be the first to admit that I have called people the same exact thing as Kobe Bryant did.  I'm not proud of myself, and I am not above Black Mamba because of his actions.  But as an employee of the Los Angeles Lakers (That Guy Sports #3 most hated team in the NBA) and person who always has a camera on him, especially during a nationally telecast game, you have to watch what you say.  Even if it means you said it with the "South Park" definition. 

By the way, let's go back to the South Park definition of the word fag.

Fag n.

1. An extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with Harley riders.

2.  A loud and obnoxious person who owns or frequently rides a Harley.

Hey Kobe, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.  And don't act like you didn't hang out with Karl Malone. 

But what has become more of a tiresome act by Bryant is his tantrums that he constantly never gets punished for.  Did you see how he acted when he got to the bench after receiving his technical?  He punches his chair and continues to go after the official.  How did that not get Kobe his second technical?  Maybe because the NBA wanted the Lakers to win to avoid becoming the 3rd seed or worse?  Or maybe it's because one more technical foul meant a game suspension for Black Mamba?  To think, if Kobe was suspended for that last game at Sacramento, the NBA would have never been able to rip the hearts out of Kings fans one more time.

Regardless, we at That Guy Sports are sick and tired of the antics of Kobe Bryant and it has nothing to do with his playing skills or the team he plays for.  This guy has destroyed a dynasty because he couldn't play second fiddle to the greatest center of a generation, got caught cheating on his wife while being accused of rape, and gets more foul calls in his favor since Michael Jordan.  I will give him all the credit that is due to him, like one of the top 5 "individual" basketball players of all time, a ruthless competitor, and That Guy Of The Week.


Friday, April 8, 2011

That Guy Sports Most Hated NBA Teams

Ok, I'll admit it. I am a biased blogger and I don't treat teams equally. Full disclosure, I am a die-hard Blazer fan and anyone who shits on my team gets a "Nixonesque" mark on The List. But it would not be fair to my five readers (yes, we gained one more over the past week!) to not come clean with my prejudice so you know where I'm coming from. You never know, you might actually agree with me especially if your first name starts with a K and sounds like Casey.

Now it's not like I arbitrarily just picked teams at random. I put together a point system based on 9 categories and based on a scale from 0 to 10, with 0 being no love and a 10 meaning you probably don't completely piss me off. Total those up and the team with the least amount of points is the most hated. Please note that these are very dynamic ratings that can change from year to year.

Anyways, here are the categories and how I came up with the judgment.

Fans: Plain and simple. How much do I like your fan base? This could be due to sure arrogance or your loyalty to a branded loser. Fans that show up get more points vs. the fair weather and the douche bags on message boards who clutter together letters that resemble "Kobe is the best player of all time" after he shoots 5-24 but manages 30 points.

Management/Coaches: This includes owners, GM's and coaches. I have no respect for owners who move teams; GM's that make back room deals with David Stern (I'm looking at you Danny Ainge) or coaches who bitch and whine to officials all game long.

Current Players: How much do I hate the team you have today.

Former Players: How much do I hate your past team’s players?

My Teams Success: If the Blazers are beating your asses, I'm probably not going to hate your team that much.

City: I'm not going to lie. The city that your team is in has a lot to do with me rooting for them. Sorry LA.

History: I'm not a front runner. I don't usually like teams that have success. It gets old.

ESPN Factor: I also do not like ESPN and their influence on sports today. It unfairly stacks the cards and it is not right.

Anti-Mold Factor: Does your team have cheesy promos to "help" the NBA experience? For example, does your PA announcer randomly yell "Let's Go Spurs" when the players start dribbling up the court? Do the sound effects seem forced? If your arena needs all these bells and whistles to keep your attention to the action on the court, maybe you should not be going to the games. Usually there are plenty of fans of the NBA that would rather want that ticket.

We will list the highest scorers which are my least hated teams, which I will give the total points and a comment on a portion of the scoring. Top 5 will have an expanded synopsis of the scoring.

#29 -Milwaukee Bucks: 71 Points - Fear The Dear! It is one of my favorite team slogans in a long time.
#28 - Toronto Raptors: 68 Points - I’ll admit it. I have a soft spot for Canada.
#27 -Golden State Warriors: 67 Points - I've been to plenty of Warrior games and I always had fun. Plus no one gave me shit when I heckled Bonzi Wells on several occasions.
#26 - Indiana Pacers: 60 Points - Probably would have rated higher if the Blazers would have made the NBA Finals in 2000. That was an ass whooping in waiting.
#25 - Minnesota Timberwolves: 59 Points - Can't get the stink of KG off this organization.
#24 - New York Knicks: 56 Points - Some of the best fans outside of Portland. Nothing gets past them. Would have scored higher if Donnie Walsh was not their owner, but then we would have never had Zeke destroying any shred of self respect he had while playing with the Pistons. Call it a push.
#23 - Cleveland Cavaliers: 56 Points - Dan Gilbert's comic sans rant about El BJ's decision will go down as one of my favorite sports moments of 2010.
#22 - New Jersey Nets: 55 Points - A move to Brooklyn could help them move up the list but new Russian owner is a wild card.
#21 - Washington "Wizards": 53 Points - The name change from The Bullets really hurts this team.
#20 - Philadelphia 76ers: 51 Points - Portland’s only championship came at the hands of the 76ers so you can't hate that much.
#19 - Charlotte Bobcats: 50 Points - Can Michael Jordan just give the NBA a break and step away?
#18 - Atlanta Hawks: 49 Points - One of the better examples of fair weather fans.
#17 - Sacramento Kings: 47 Points - A history of players I hated starting with Vlade to Bonzi. But I feel to sorry for them to hate them that much. Five years ago...
#16 - Houston Rockets: 46 Points - Another team with Bonzi stink on them. Rick Adelman as the coach and Clyde Drexler's only championship helps them be less hated.
#14 (tie) - New Orleans Hornets: 44 Points - A little surprised they are this hated but this is the team that should have gone to OKC. Moving from Charlotte does not help.
#14 (tie) - LA Clippers: 44 Points - Blake Griffin is a great player but he is a ginger and to much ESPN for my blood. Donald Sterling and being in LA does not help.
#13 - Memphis Grizzlies: 43 Points - Not only does this team have Bonzi stink still on them, but they currently have Z-Bo stink.
#12 - Orlando Magic: 42 Points - One of the worst offenders of NBA cheese but scored better than expected because the Blazers seem to beat them more often than not.
#11 - Phoenix Suns: 38 Points - Fair weather fans and a lot of battles with the Blazers in past.
#9 (tie) - Denver Nuggets: 37 Points - Some of the dumbest fans in the NBA which seem to pollute message boards with "you suck" arguments.
#9 (tie) - San Antonio Spurs: 37 Points - I hate that damn "Go Spurs Go" crap that gets randomly announced while play is ongoing and I will never forget the Memorial Day Massacre. Fuck you Sean Elliot.
#8 - Dallas Mavericks: 36 Points - Is it weird that I'm starting to like Mark Cuban?
#7 - Chicago Bulls: 35 Points - I'm shocked they scored this low but the 92' NBA Finals will have a sting that will last a lifetime.
#6 - Detroit Pistons: 33 Points - Worst PA announcer in the history of sports. J-J-J-J-Just shut the fuck up!

Top Five!

#5 - Utah Jazz (28 Points)

Fans: 1 Point - Let's just get to the point. I hate your asses. Your rude, whine about EVERY FUCKING CALL, and have a whiter fan base than Portland (yes, I paused a game and found two black people thanks to HD). You get a point for showing up and being loud.

Management/Coaches: 3 Points - It's not polite to speak poorly of the dead, but former owner Larry Miller was a car salesman who symbolized the rude fans of Salt Lake City. Love Jerry Sloan though. H is the only person in the NBA who would have whooped Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest asses in the Detroit Brawl of 2004.

Current Players: 3 Points - I don't know why I don't like these players they have today. They pretty much suck. But Al Jefferson is the most underated cancer in the NBA today. Do you think he might have been the problem in Boston and Minnesota after all?

Former Players: 1 Point - I never like the Mailman. He was a cheap shot artist who took out David Robinson, Brian Grant and Zeke (even if that wasn't that bad of a thing to do). Add to the list Greg Ostertag, Mark Eaton, Thurell Bailey, Derron Williams and the dirtiest player of all time, John Stockton (as voted by his piers during his playing days). One point for Carlos Boozer.

Blazer Success: 3 Points - It was a give and take with the Blazers vs. the Jazz in the playoffs but their poor record in SLC is a sore point with me.

City: 2 Points - The only saving grace for SLC is great skiing.

History: 3 Points - Only two losing season in the past 28. No love for that. But I'll give them 3 points for being the team that MJ retired to the second time.

ESPN Factor: 8 Points - Maybe a team that gets less press then the Blazers.

Anti-Mold Factor: 4 Points - Some cheese but for the most point pretty traditional. Still have some annoying sound effects.

#4 OKC* (23 Points)

*Disclaimer, this is not a reflection of the city of Seattle. I had to use the history and former players to judge, but do not take it personally*

Fans: 1 Point - This is personal. You don't deserve this team. You are not worthy of the Sonics. You get one point since it's not all your fault, but you are supporting one of the worst coups in sports history.

Management/Coaches: No points - Do I need to explain myself with this one? Just watch this movie.

Current Players: 3 Points - Yeah, this team is young and exciting. But to me Kendrick Perkins' attitude is KG lite. When is he going to get on all fours and start barking at his opponents?

Former Players: 8 Points - I probably could have scored this higher, but I am at a biased with this one. But the list of former players does include Robert Swift and historical figures like The X Man.

Blazers' Success: 5 Points - It's 50/50 in this rivalry if you go back the full 30 years. The great battles of the past challenge any rivalry in the NBA.

City: 3 Points - I've never been to OKC, but from what I heard it's pretty vanilia.

History: 0 Points - All points were lost in the move from Seattle. Someone has told me they are buried in Key Arena and the current team is banned from entering there forever.

ESPN Factor: 2 Points - I will admit the the Kevin Durant factor has been reduced this season but could you explain that to Bill Simmons?

Anti-Mold Factor: 1 Point - It's almost like David Stern told Clay Bennett that he had to ratchet up the cheesiness if he gave him a team.

#3 - LA Lakers (22 Points)

Fans: 1 Point - And that one point is for my friends who are Laker fans. Not the dipshits who can afford or waste their money on tickets.

Management: 4 Points - Only out of respect for Phil Jackson who is one of the last straight shooters in the league.

Current Players: 2 Points - One point for Pau Gasol who actually helps sick kids in Spain during the offseason. He is probably one of the best people playing in the NBA today. Also one point for Steve Blake. He is about the only former Blazer I do not blame for becoming a Laker. The rest of the Laker players can go fuck themselves.

Former Players: 2 Points - I hated the Laker players growing up as a kid. But I would beg to have players like Magic, Worthy and AC Green playing in the league today. They, as much as I hate it, played great team ball and always played the extremes in how to live off the court (Magic sleeping around, Worthy's love for hookers and AC staying a virgin until he was married in his late 30's).

Blazer Success: 1 Point - I’ve seen the Blazers beat the Lakers on several occasions, which garners them one point. I will not talk about the other side of this coin.

City: 2 Points - The anti-Portland/Seattle/San Francisco. A city covered in freeways and douche bags. Now I will admit that I love driving in LA when there is no traffic and the beaches are awesome. Not much more than that.

History: 0 Points - 17 championships does not make it easy to root for you.

ESPN Factor: 0 Points - I think there is a shrine to the Lakers in Bristol.

Anti-Mold Factor: 10 Points - What the fuck? How can they score so high here? Because the Lakers are what you thought they were. Great PA announcer (calls the game in the same deep tone throughout the game), traditional LA Laker Band who has been playing the same songs since 1970, and the Laker Girls. I know that women are pretty much beautiful everywhere you go, but holy fuck. How did they come up with the Laker Girls? Plus they are the original.

#2 Boston Celtics (20 Points)

Fans: 1 Points: Note to Boston fans. You're passionate. You support your teams well. You are pretty sharp for sports fans. Now keep that in Boston and stop acting like you own another teams stadium when you travel there. It's disrespectful and you're not making friends.

Management/Coaches: 2 Points: You get two points because your coaches actually do a good job of creating a solid team. Other than that, your management made a deal with the devil to get KG and it's obvious when every move since then, Danny Ainge has fucked up.

Current Players: 1 Point: That one point is for Ray Allen. KG is an asshole who I wish someone would fight. He's a pussy that Anthony Peeler called out a long time ago. Not to mention the leg injury to Paul Pierce where he was carried off the floor and never limped when he came back to the floor a quarter later. And Rondo is a punk that would have got his ass kicked by Kirk Heinrich if NBA officials didn't know that Celtic player toughness is protected by a David Stern trademark. Seriously, what would have Greg Anthony and John Starks done to this Celtic "toughness?"

Former Players: 2 Points: Not my favorite players. McHale needed to shave his armpits, Danny Ainge was a little bitch and the overall whiteness of the team always seemed suspicious. But in retrospect, the trash talking by Larry Bird is freaking awesome.

Blazers' Success: 2 Points: The Blazers have never faced them in the playoffs, but other than a 15 year period, the Celtics have been whooping Portland's asses for years.

City: 7 Points: Ok, so I've heard that Boston is a great city. I will not argue.

History: 0 Points: This is the team with the most titles in NBA history. No points for you.

ESPN Factor: 0 Points: ESPN LOVES Boston. Which means I hate them.

Anti-Mold Factor: 5 Points: Would have scored higher if they would have stuck to tradition and not added the Celtic Dancers.

#1 - Miami Heat (19 Points)

Fans: 0 Points: Talk about a fan base born on 3rd base? When El BJ announced that he was taking his future dumps in South Beach, they went to the camera's stationed in Miami and three fans in a random bar started running around like they were Paul Revere warning that the "British were coming" but no one gave a shit.

Management/Coaches: 3 Points - 3 Points because Eric Spolestra went to my high school. The way they tampered with the El BJ/Bosh signings is everything wrong with sports today.

Current Players: 0 Points: Do I have to explain any further then the Three Douche Bags?

Former Players: 5 Points: I sort of like the original Heat teams with Rony Siekley and later with Alonzo Mourning. Not that much, but I'm pretty neutral on this one.

Blazers' Success: 8 Points: It's not rare to see the Blazers whoop the Heat and they seem to find a way to win consistently in Miami. Probably easy when you're playing in an empty arena.

City: 3 Points: I've been to Miami and it's like a flat LA. One point higher because it is the furthest city from Seattle and that's where it belongs.

History: 0 Points: The only championship this team won was robbed from the Dallas Mavericks. It was a sham and this should be said more often than it gets credit for.

ESPN Factor: 0 Points: What's amazing to me is that The Decision is one of the biggest PR disasters in sports history yet ESPN covers them like they are the best group of guys since the American's liberated Paris. Maybe this is because tons of people hate them, but they are getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

Anti-Mold Factor: 0 Points: The announcement of El BJ/Bosh/Wade to the city of Miami was just wrong.


Friday, April 1, 2011

It's been a while.

Apologies to my 4 fans out there for not writing on this blog in the past year. I can't really explain why my blogging has not kept up with the more than ample candidates for That Guy of the Week. The whole El BJ/Wade/Bosh sweepstakes this past year should have made me a millionaire in this age of cynical sports commentary.

So I'm here today to give this blog another push in the back to see if we get some momentum going. No better way to start than to jump on the latest El BJ trasngressions with his "garage treetment" in Cleveland this past week.

Did you know that El BJ arrived at the Quickens Loans Arena (yes, that's the name of the building that was originally named after their blind owner who saved basketball in Cleveland in the mid-90's by leading the effort to get the arena built) wearing a shirt that said "Long Live the King?" Seriously, who does that? I mean, I can understand if the player was rejected by the fans and is coming back to tell them I not dead. But El BJ ripped out the heart of these Cleveland fans with his poorly thought out live "Decision" special. He seriously thought to himself that when he goes back to this arena, where these fans 100% supported him all the way until he said "I'm going to take my talents to South Beach" (which sound more like he's going to take a dump), that he should wear this shirt. What an asshole.

So let's honor this sociopath with one of our highest honors. El BJ, you are That Guy of the Week until I can think of someone who can eclipse all the selfishness and immaturity that you have displayed. Don't worry, Z-Bo, Kobe, oregon duck fans, Matt Barnes, Derron Williams, Barry Bonds, Kevin Garnett, BCS Bowl Executives, Milton Bradley, Stephen "Jack" Jackson, Lenny Dykstra, Jose Canseco, the Italian Prime Minister, Comcast Cable, Charles Barkley, Aaron Brooks, or Brett Favre will do something really stupid and you'll be out of the negative spotlight for a few days. That is until your entourage convinces you that your next birthday should be carried live on a MTV special. Seriously, you wouldn't put that past him, would you?


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2010 NBA Playoff Preview

I thought I would get a jump on the NBA Playoffs before the mainstream media hypes this one to unwatchable proportions. Here we go.

Eastern Conference

#1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. #8 Chicago Bulls

First thought, the Bulls don't stand a chance against a rested and motivated El BJ. But on second thought, yeah, the Bulls don't stand a chance.

Prediction: 4-0 Cleveland.

Margin of error: 0.0000000001%, but seriously, there is no way in hell Chicago is winning this series. If they got two wins Vinnie Del Negro would save his job till after The Finals.

#2 Orlando Magic vs. #7 Charlotte Bobcats

I don't see why Orlando shouldn't win this series. They are clicking as a team when matters most but you can never underestimate a Larry Brown coached team.

Prediction: 4-2 Orlando

Margin of error: 10%. If Orlando is looking ahead to a match up with Cleveland they could be looking at a game 7.

#3 Atlanta Hawks vs. #6 Milwaukee Bucks

My wife still doesn't think that Milwaukee actually has a NBA basketball team and that matters. And with Andrew Bogut out for the season the positive vibe surrounding this Buck team took a big hit.

Predication: 4-1 Atlanta

Margin of error: 30%. I still think Milwaukee has a lot of heart and will be tough on the Hawks but Joe Johnson and Seattle's own Jamal Crawford will carry Atlanta.

#4 Boston Celtics vs. #5 Miami Heat

No winners here. Boston is really lucky to avoid Milwaukee even with Bogut out but Miami was red hot to finish the season. However, I think the Heat's recent success is a little bit of smoke and mirrors.

Prediction: 4-2 Boston

Margin of error: 45%. Rats are jumping off the Boston ship faster then front running Cowboy fans with the Pierce/Garnett/Allen age coming to an end. And what if Miami is actually playing good basketball right now?

Western Conference

#1 LA Lakers vs. #8 OKC ball club.

Let's just get to the point. If Seattle still had the Sonics this town would be erupting right now. Shoot, you'd probably get a $500 million stadium approved even with the crappy economy (No, seriously, the tax on Safeco and Qwest is expiring and you don't think the voters wouldn't roll that over to a Key Arena renovation?).

This match up just reeks of an upset. Kevin Durant gets so many calls that it would offset the biased officiating to get a Kobe/El BJ match up in the finals. Plus the Lakers are playing their worst ball of the season with Black Mamba back in the line up with his injured finger that he has not allowed to heal for the past two years.

Prediction: 4-2 OKC

Margin of error: 75%. The Lakers are still the world champs and I admit that I am biased against them. But I seriously smell and upset, or am I just rooting for one. It should be noted that I hate OKC too.

#2 Dallas Mavericks vs. San Antonio Spurs

I guess the Spurs are playing better and every expert is saying that San Antonio should be rated higher then a #7 seed. But I think the experts are just hedging their early season predictions that this team would compete for a championship.

Plus I think that Dallas is playing their best ball right now and it has to do with their toughness. I'm glad the Blazers are not playing them even though Utah would be worse.

Prediction: 4-1 Dallas

Margin of error: 25%. Maybe the experts are right but my margin of error represents my trust in the "experts."

#3 Phoenix Suns vs. #6 Portland Trail Blazers

Pretty much everyone thinks that the success of Portland depends on Brandon Roy's injured knee. While I think that a healthy Brandon Roy helps the Blazers chances, I still think this team minus a healthy Roy will surprise some casual observers out there. The addition of Marcus Camby has made Portland one of the toughest defensive teams in the league (something that Roy has not excelled in this year) and the depth of this team has been tested all year long with over 300 player games lost to injuries.

But Phoenix is red hot and has a pretty solid bench. Steve Nash has not lost a step since his MVP seasons and Amare Stoudemire is playing his best basketball of his career (I even think I saw him play defense for an entire possession against Denver but I was half asleep).

Prediction: 4-2 Portland

Margin of error: 60%. I'm a huge Portland homer so I do not see things clearly when predicting Blazer games. But Portland won the series 2-1 with a win in Phoenix and was a horrific shooting performance in the last game from a sweep.

#4 Denver Nuggets vs. #5 Utah Jazz

I'm not sure how much gas is left in the tank for Denver. With the Birdman and K-Mart playing injured the middle is soft and with Coach Karl still fighting throat cancer focusing Carmelo will be a challenge for interm coach Adrian Dantley. But they have great leadership in Chauncy Billips and Nene is the most underrated center in the league.

Utah is playing surprising well for the season and Derron Williams will just abuse a slower Billups throughout the series. But the Jazz are still not a good road team even for a veteran team. You can't trust that kind of stuff.

Prediction: 4-3 Denver

Margin of error: 50%. It all comes down if the Jazz can show up on the road. They are 21-20 away from home this season so I think 50% is a correct assumption.


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bringing Back the Blog for the Playoffs

It's been a while since I've posted but I thought I would break the slump with some quick thoughts about the NBA and the upcoming playoffs.

-The national media loves to play up the significance of not being in the 8th spot in the west so you can avoid the Lakers. Funny how the three teams "hoping" to stay out of playoff cellar have beaten the Lakers pretty soundly over the past month. Both the Blazers and the Spurs won in LA without their best players and the OKC ball club once lead LA by 41 points while cruising to victory. Maybe the question should be how can the Lakers cause the Suns to bomb to the 8 seed?

-Speaking of the Lakers, they've lost 6 out of the past 9 games. While this is not terrible news since they have clinched the #1 seed out West but getting ready mentally for the playoffs should not be underestimated especially with the insane depth of the Western Conferences playoff pool. Not to say that this team can just "turn it on" at a moments notice but you can't ignore their recent performance.

-Has anyone noticed how the Eastern Conference has not been good as a whole for about 20 years? And the current teams at the top seem to have more dumb luck on their side then front office know-how. Cleveland and Orlando have built off no-doubt #1 picks in El BJ and Dwight Howard and Boston is handed gift trades with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen. The only front office that put in any hard work to build a decent team is the Atlanta Hawks and then they still screwed up a whole decade of top 5 lottery picks.

-Conversely, how tough is the Western Conference? 7 games separate the top 8 teams and if Atlanta and Boston played in the West they could miss the playoffs. Don't forget that the Celtics and Hawks get to load up on cupcakes like New Jersey, Washington, Philly, New York, Indiana, Detroit, Toronto and Chicago. Think, one of those cupcake teams will make the playoffs in the East.

-Jerry Sloan should be the winner of the NBA's Coach of the Year award but unfortunately for Jazz fans it will probably go to Larry Brown or Scott Skiles. You know, two coaches that were fired by their last employer. How's that 20+ year career treating you Jerry? I doubt he would complain.

-I don't like that the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year award will be given by default to Dwight Howard. Problem is, I can't think of anyone else to give it to. You know, the more I think about it, does anyone play defense in this league anymore? At least defense that produces stats.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bring Blount Force Trauma Back To The Football Field

I would love it if everyone would sign this pettition to bring back LeGarrette Blount back to the whoregon football team. Any bit of self respect the ducks had after suspending this fool for the rest of the season would be lost if they let this kid play another game.